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Crushed Concrete in Houston

Crushed concrete, also known as recycled concrete or concrete aggregate, is an incredibly durable and environmentally friendly material.  Crushed concrete is typically described as 1 ½ rock that has been refined down to dust. Used for driveways, or in certain circumstances as rockfill, our crushed concrete is second to none.

Crushed Concrete

At Bee Sand, we know every project is different. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need crushed concrete at the lowest rate or a more refined material that is free from other debris and particles. Just let us know what your job or application looks like, and we can help you find the perfect answer.

Builders, landscapers, and small businesses have been turning to us for 70+ years because we provide service that goes above and beyond their expectations. That starts with sourcing the finest earth materials from our sandpit and network of suppliers. It also includes clear answers and fast delivery to your job site. Whether you need a little bit of crushed concrete or a lot, we can find it and have it to you faster than anyone else.

If you have questions about crushed concrete or other building and landscaping projects, why not contact our friendly team now so we can help!

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